Jimi Tenor & KabuKabu:

Track by track with Jimi Tenor

1. Selvänäkijä (Clair-voyant)
I wanted to write a hippie-jam tune for a big band. This is the result. It´s not like a regular big band tune, where the drummer is always marking the hits and stuff. I wanted it to be more spooky. I recorded first the tritone flute riff and the whole songs grew out of that.

2. Africa Kingdom
We had a jam session in Berlin in our regular studio “Lovelite”. Jochen the engineer wasn´t there so we just recorded the jam with one mike to my computer. The guys were chanting: “Africa Kingdom” and we played the horns. It was happening! A year later I was listening to the jam and thought it´s still great. We started to work on it more. I broke down the jam into pieces and put it back together adding string machine, acoustic guitar and all that. Then in Nairobi I met Kumar the rapper from Cuba. I asked him to do vocals to Africa Kingdom and some other tracks as well (the other ones are for the future!). and Voila! Africa Kingdom.

3. Suite Meets
I love ballads. Need to make more. Well this is not strictly a ballad, but near enough. I have an acoustic piano and finally I have started to play it on the our recordings.

4. Dance of the planets
This is from a jam session in our studio in East-Helsinki. We had a gig with Tony Allen later that day and we had a lot of percussionists in the house. I had been reading a lot science books around that time. I like this historical image where they tried to explain the movements of planets. Because they wanted earth to be the center of the universe the planets had to make crazy dancing loops or whirling vortices so that their movements in the sky would make sense. I guess a modern dance company could make their dance of the planets to this one. Something based on the historical stellar maps.

5. Curtain of Steel
From the same jam as the previous track. This is more espionage style. The DDR connection!

6. Starstuff
We are literally made out of cosmic dust. It´s amazing and beautiful.

7.Universal Love
This is our comic epic. I was thinking of the film Sinuhe the Egyptian. All the colors and sets they had is Hollywood those days. Our version of exotica has wooden trumpets and it´s shot in black and white.

8. Resonate and Be
In my model of universe Aether does exist. Aether is all and when it sings and resonates we can also be. We are all one.

9. Afroeuropean
Our sound is afroeuropean. By the way in the liner notes there´s a typo. The trumpet solo is credited to our percussionist Akinola Famson. Well, he doesn´t play trumpet. The solo is really played by Daniel Allen Oberto. My mistake, sorry.

10. Eternal Mystery
We know a lot but plenty of things are unanswered. I don´t need religion to fill that gap. For me it´s enough to admire the universe the way I see and understand it now.

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