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16 Simo-Pekka: Hello Jimi! I've heard somewhere that you may be co-operating with Amon Tobin in the future. Is it true?

Jimi: Amon Tobin....too bad I don't know him.

17 Will: How long did it take to make 'Urinator'? Shooting can't have taken that much time (right?), but from what I've experienced putting sounds into a film can really be a drag... or maybe it wasn't?

Jimi: The shooting of Urinator took about 5 days total. Not more I'm afraid. Editing and mixing took a LONG time though. I would say half a year in total.

18 Andy: Eyy jimi... i'm a big fan of ur work.. but i have one problem.. where can i get a copy of a song u performed while in australia "Doing O.K" ?? i think it is one of the greatest song's i hav ever herd

Jimi: Doin' OK wasn't released by Warp. They didn't get it. I have plans to release it some point. Check the website for info. Maybe in one year...

19 Maria: Jimi! Are you going to do any soundtracks in the future?

Jimi: I haven't done film music. But hey, you never know. I've done a couple of more works for orchestra recently, maybe it'll lead somewhere...

20 Michael: Hey Jimi! Your music and sounds are quite interesting and spacy. I'm very curious about what books a musican like you read or which authors you prefer. Is there any book you would recommend?

Jimi: Satyricon - old roman book author not 100% sure, Donald Goines- anything from him, genius, Gogol-Dead Souls, Oblomov-another russian book by what's his name, Faust-Goethe, especially the deleted segments, Chester Himes- anything by him is pretty cool as well.

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