Other Recordings

On Sähkö:

Soft Focus
p2013, Sähkö Recordings, PUU-37

Jimi Tenor, Lary 7 and Mia Theodoratus

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Nicole Willis: Be It
p2004, Sähkö Recordings, PUU-31


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Nicole Willis & the Soul Investigators:
You Better Change
p2003, Sahco Records, SAHCO-001


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Nicole Willis: Siesta
p2002, Sähkö Recordings, PUU-28


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Nicole Willis: Curiosity
p2001, Sähkö Recordings, PUU-23


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Nicole Willis: Soul Makeover
p2000, Sähkö Recordings, PUU-21


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Nicole Willis: All The Time
p2000, Sähkö Recordings, PUU-20


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City of Women 1
p2000, Sähkö Recordings, PUU-18


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Impostor Orchestra: Heliopause
p2000, Sähkö Recordings, PUU-19


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Brandi Ifgray: Stargazer
p1999, Sähkö Recordings, PUU-16

Mixed by Jimi Tenor. He also produced tracks 1, 3, 8 & 9, played flute on 1, 8 & 9, strings on track 6 and vibes on track 10.

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Business City Orchestra: Lahti By Night 12"
p1998, Sähkö Recordings, PUU-10

Produced by Jimi Tenor.

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Peikko & Lassi: Pula Dub
p1997, Sähkö Recordings, PUU-8

Produced by Peikko Viitala & Jimi Tenor.


Freestyle Man: Que Domingo Inquieto 12"
p1997, Sähkö Recordings, PUU-7

Flute & backing vocals and additional arrangements on Que Domingo Inquieto by Jimi Tenor. Vibes by Severi Pyysalo.
Written & produced by DJ Sasse.

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Brandi Ifgray: Le Mutant
p1997, Sähkö Recordings, PUU- 6

Produced by Jimi Tenor.


Kocmoc (Kosmos)
p1996, Sähkö Recordings, PUU-5

All music by Kosmos (Mika Vainio & Jimi Tenor)

Sähkö Recordings
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On Warp:

WARP 10+3: "Remixes"
p1999, Warp Records Ltd., WARP69

Sweet Excorcist: Mad Jack
remix by Jimi Tenor  listen


Nightmares on Wax: Carboot Soul
p1999, Warp Records Ltd., WARP61

Jimi Tenor appears on Easejimi  listen


We Are Reasonable People
p1998, Warp Records Ltd., WAP100

Wear My Bikini by Jimi Tenor  listen




DJPP: Tuottajalevy
p2006, Monsp Records, MONSP033

Jimi Tenor plays flute on one track

Monsp Records


Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators:
Keep Reachin' Up
p2005, Timmion Records, Timmion LP/CD #002

Timmion Records


Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators:
If This Ain't Love CDS / 7"
p2005, Timmion Records, Timmion #011

Timmion Records


Tone of Finland Teaser/Double/Leather
p2005, Crystal Eye C-EYE114/C-EYE113/

Jimi Tenor: Helliä tunteita (Tender Feelings)

Crystal Eye


Sun Ra Dedication: The Myth Lives On
p2003, Kindred Spirits, KS 003

Jimi Tenor: Love In Outer Space

Kindred Spirits


Love In Outer Space 7"
p2003, Kindred Spirits, KS 003-7

Jimi Tenor: Love In Outer Space

Kindred Spirits


Louie Austen: Hoping mixes 12"
p2002, Cheap Records, Cheap-040

Jimi Tenor Remix



Radiopuhelimet: Tänään!
p2002, Hot Igloo, HI-002

Jimi Tenor guests on flute



Jimi Tenor & Ural 13 Diktators: Orks 12"
p2001, Art of Perception, AOP-06

Jimi Tenor:
Blood on Borscht &
Ambient Intelligence



Skansen Music (Mixed by G-Ha)
p2001, Glasgow Underground, GUCD 026

Eddie and the Eggs: Me and My Watermelon  listen
Written and produced by Maurice Fulton, sax by Jimi Tenor, guitar by Chris Dawkins



Slop Shop: Transzendenz Express 12"
p2001, Poets Club Records, PCR 019

Jimi Tenor remake  listen



p2001, Form&Function / Zomba records,
F&F027 / RTD176.2927.0

Funking Remixed by Jimi Tenor & Nicole Willis



Ladyvipb: Stories Of A Broken Heart And Recovering
p2000, Nuphonic, NUX160

Jimi Tenor on 'A New Day', 'The Wiggie Bop'


Maurice Fulton presents... Boof
p2000, Spectrum Records, Raj001

Jimi plays flute on 'We'

Spectrum Records
Kudos Records


Maurice Fulton presents... Stress 12"
p2000, Transfusion, TF019

Jimi plays flute on 'You Changed My Life'


New Latinaires 12" # 7
p2000, Ubiquity, UR12058

Piano solo by Jimi Tenor on 'Tania's Dancing Alone'

Ubiquity Records


Freestyle Man: Going South
p2000, Sähkö Recordings/Keys Of Life, LIFECD-1. Also on Cliché, Cliche001

Features Jimi Tenor on Que Domingo Inquieto, Shoom! (vegetarian mix), Images Of You & Woodpecker

Freestyle Man at pHinnWeb


Radiopuhelimet: Oulu on kaupungin nimi
p2000, Bad Vugum, Bad-90

Jimi Tenor appears on 'Hailuoto'



Rude Mechanic
p1999, Beaconsfield/Piano 200

Pan Sonic / Hayley Newman / David Crawforth + guests.
Tracks 1/10 and 2/4 with Jimi Tenor.



Denki Groove: Double A
p1999, Sony Music/01-492895-10

Shangri-La remix by Jimi Tenor  listen

Denki Groove at Sony Music Japan


Elevators: Linoleum
p1997, Odor 2,0

Jimi Tenor plays sax on 3 AM.



p1997, Beggars Banquet, BBQCD 195

Intepretations of Gary Numan songs.
Jimi Tenor: Down in the Park

Beggars Banquet
Gary Numan


22-Pistepirkko: Zipcode - 15th Anniversary
Remix & Remake Compilation Album
p1996, Polygram, Bare Bone Business, 531588-2

Birdy remake by Jimi Tenor.



Bizz OD + Jimi Tenor: Traffic
p1995, Ozon, OZON0003



Surprising Encounters / Yllättäviä kohtaamisia
p1995, Bad Vugum, Bad-53

Superfrozen Venus Hillybilly 69 by Jimi Tenor & Can Oral. Last War of the Worlds by Jimi Tenor & Harri Kupianen.
Note: You hear these tracks and buy them at noise.fm (Finnish only)

Bad Vugum


Kosonen: Huminaa
p1995, Strawberry Records, SBCD 024

Jimi plays keyboards on track 12: Une Petite Fin.



Marco Kosonen & Los Hijos de la Luna:
The Great Believer in Major Chords
p1994, Strawberry Records, SBCD 022

Jimi plays keyboards on tracks 2 & 4.


22-pistepirkko: Big Lupu
p1992, Spirit, SPIRITCD7

Saxes & organ and horn arrangement on Swamp Blues



Suburban Sax: Suburban
p1991, SUB-X-007

by Jimi Tenor and Tapani Rinne (of Rinneradio)



Reinin myrkky: Länsimaisen musiikin historia 1
p1989, RMKL-1999

A project by Pekka Juntunen, Jusu Lounela, Tero Siivonen, Tero Kling and Jimi Tenor. 51 + 2 tracks. A selection of well known tunes from Tchaikovsky to Michael Jackson.

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Maaseudun tulevaisuus: Kylmäoja
p1989, Hiljaiset Levyt, HIKI-004

Keyboard on 'Ahoi' by Jimi Tenor

Hiljaiset Levyt


Shadowplay: Touch and Glow
p1988, Sonic Records, Sonic 1
Re-released 1999 on Odor, RoDo 11

Jimi Tenor plays sax on tracks 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9.



Rytke: Pikkukylän isot starat
p1994&1995, Poko Rekords, POKOCD169

Kumikameli: Kourallinen kääpiöitä
p1992, Stupido Twins, TWINCD9

Kumikameli: Marsin sankarit
p1991, Stupido Twins, TWINCD5

Electric Blue Peggy Sue And The Revolutionions From Mars: Music For McDonalds
p1989. Spirit SPIRITCD2