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Tenorvision is the official Jimi Tenor site, launched on June 27th 1999.

Thanks go out to Jimi Tenor, Nicole Willis, Matti Knaapi, Tommi Grönlund, Greg Eden @ Warp Records, Kitty-Yo, pHinn and of course everyone who has contributed material and helped me with this web site project.

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It's been a bit quiet, but stay tuned - new album(s), tour etc. coming up!


2006 Updates:

2 Oct 06
Updated the news, photos from last Saturday's show coming soon..

31 Aug 06
Put Jimi's new video online!

21 Jul 06
Added a set of live photos from Amsterdam 2004. Thanks Marcin! More will be added soon...

7 Jul 06
Added new live photos from Helsinki.

23 Jun 06
Happy Midsummer! News and gigs update. Loads of new photos coming up in the near future...

8 Jun 06
Added new live photos. Thanks Norman!

26 May 06
Added new press photos + link to Michal Murawski's concert photos.

5 May 06
Updated the news, added Tenorwear info...

28 Apr 06
Tourdates updated!

7 Apr 06
New photo.

31 Mar 06
Updated the news & discography.

21 Mar 06
Added some photos from yesterday's great Mister Freedom show in Helsinki. More photos coming soon...

13 Mar 06
Updated the news,

19 Feb 06
Added photos from yesterday's snow sculpture event

18 Feb 06
Added photos from the Tavastia gig

9 Feb 06
Updated the news,

2 Feb 06
Updated the news,

31 Jan 06
Updated the news,

07 Jan 06
Added photos from Lahti and Oulu.


2005 Updates:

12 Dec 05
Updated the news, added a new download!.

23 Nov 05
Updated the news.

08 Oct 05
Added photos from Poland last May

10 Sep 05
Updated the news. Sorry about the recent downtime, things should be working again now... hoping to add new stuff soon!

21 Jul 05
Added new live dates and updated the press page.

9 Jun 05
Updated the news.

6 Jun 05
Updated the discography.

9 May 05
Updated the news.

30 Apr 05
Added photos from Helsinki.

13 Apr 05
Updated the news & discography.

7 Apr 05
Added photos from Tokyo. Thanks Mayuko!
More photos coming soon...

15 Mar 05
Added photos from Rome.

13 Mar 05
Added photos from Glasgow. Thanks Will!

8 Mar 05
Updated the news, some new photos coming up shortly...

25 Jan 05
Updated the news, added pics of Jimi's outfit at the Dressing Ourselves exhibition.

12 Jan 05
Updated the news & gigs


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