Jimi Tenor and his Shamans:
Fear of a Black Jesus
Bad Vugum, Bad-28, 1992

A1. Peeping at Tom's
A2. Unknown Gender
A3. Ugly But I Like Him
A4. Spaceship of Broken Dreams
B1. Krakow House
B2. Fever!
B3. Red Lights
B4. Beastly Music

Music composed and performed by Jimi Tenor, Ilkka Mattila, Enver Mäkelä

Guest musicians:
Can Oral - Wah-wah guitar on A3 and backing vocals A3, B4
Angel X - backing vocals A2, B3 and B4

Produced by Jimi Tenor and his Shamans and Manuel Karpinski

Cover: Matti Knaapi, Jimi Tenor

Recorded at Hansa Studios, Berlin (March-April '92) by Manuel Karpinski