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April 2005

Jimi Tenor, Mika Vainio and DJ Slow among others appear on the Tone Of Finland Teaser cd, released on Apr 13. This maxi cd features a selection of songs from the upcoming double cd Tone Of Finland, which will be released in May. Tone Of Finland is based on or inspired by Ilppo Pohjola's film Tom Of Finland - Daddy and the Muscle Academy and will also be available as a limited Leatherbound edition, which comes with 64-page book. All editions, including Teaser, are available with ten different covers designed by Ilppo Pohjola. Tone Of Finland is published by Crystal Eye / Kristallisilmä.


Photo: Chris GurneyJimi Tenor appears live on stage at the 20th Jyrock festival on April 15th, Jyväskylä, Finland. Check out the On Tour -page for all other confirmed live dates for spring & summer 2005.



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