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December 2005

If you are lucky, you might be able find a sampler of the Deutsche Grammophon ReComposed series containing Jimi Tenor's interpretations of Steve Reich's Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices and Organ.

"There will be an full album of my remakes of 'classical' or concert music", says Jimi. "I have made a lot of these but most of them cannot be released because of the publishing rights. Seems like most people in classical music are not very open to any kind of manipulation of their music. Itīs been a long project, but finally it seems we have found enough open-minded publishers and composers that we can release a full length CD. Steve Reich was great to 'remake' because his music already has a pulse. Also the lack of melodies leaves plenty of space for me to slap my own ones on top."

Vol. 2 in the series, titled Deutsche Grammophon ReComposed by Jimi Tenor, is expected to be released early 2006. The first album in the series features recompositions by Matthias Arfmann.


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