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January 2004

Jimi Tenor with Aventur Choir. Photo: Chris GurneyJimi's new album will be released on Kitty-Yo around the end of May. According to Jimi, it's probably even more laid-back than Higher Planes. For a couple of tracks Jimi hooked up with a Ghanan-Nigerian combo called Rhythm Taxi, and Aventur Choir provides vocal harmony on three tracks. The opening track features spoken word from Allonymous, and of course many of the "regular" guys, including Mikey Wilson, Chris Dawkins, Jukka Eskola, Jay Kortehisto, Maurice Fulton, Ilkka Mattila, Tuomo Puranen, Terry Edwards, Hilary Jeffery, Timo Lassy, Tero Lindberg, Niko Kokko and Mongo Aaltonen, are also there. This time there's also real strings played by Maija Linkola and Elina Lehto.


Jimi Tenor will soon be seen on stage again after a few months break. Two shows (Feb 27.-28.) are scheduled for Istanbul, and in the beginning of April he'll be in Switzerland. Check the On Tour -page for confirmed dates.


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