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March 2000

Jimi Tenor played at Kaffi Thomsen, Reykjavik on Sunday March 19. Thomsen, Icelands biggest alternative club, was packed. Jimi and his wife Nicole were totally brilliant, and in the country where underground sound is appreciated as commercial is elsewhere, he has established a firm fanbase.
 - info from Malik, Reykjavik


The annual Muuvi awards for the best Finnish music videos were presented in Tampere on Friday, March 10. The Muuvi99 winners were:

  1. Ultra Bra: Kirjoituksia (directed by Jappe Päivinen)
  2. Apulanta: Käännä se pois (directed by T. Demon)
  3. The Crash: Sugared (directed by Tommi Pietilšinen)

Jimi Tenor's Total Devastation (directed by Jimi Tenor and Sökö Kaukoranta) received Tampere Film Festival's honourable mention award.

The viewers' choice award went to Bomfunk Mc's Freestyler (Directed by Miikka Lommi).


A new album produced by Jimi Tenor, Impostor Orchestra: Heliopause, is out now on Puu (Sähkö sub label). For more info, see
 - info from pHinn


Jimi Tenor's Total Devastation is one of the ten videos nominated for the annual Muuvi awards (the best Finnish music videos). The awards will be presented on March 10.

You can watch the video and vote for it at the Muuvi99 page (voting ends at midnight, March 9).

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