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March 2006

Works by Jimi Tenor, Asko Keränen, Tuomari Nurmio, Dave Lindholm and other Finnish musicians are featured at the Art Rocks exhibition. The exhibition, part of Runorock 2006, runs from March 16th - April 9th 2006 at Taidepanimo, Lahti, Finland.


Jimi Tenor plays flute on one track on the new record produced by DJPP. See Monsp Records and DJPP site for more details.


Jimi Tenor marches on stage with his ten piece band to perform a new live score to Mister Freedom, William Klein's magnificent 1968 pop art parody of u.s. imperialist strategy. This performance evolved from Jimi's solo performance back in 2003.

"Mr Freedom will rock!" says Jimi. "We have a really slamming band and I've been quite inspired when doing the arrangements. I've also included some older tracks in there like Trumpcard, Asteroid Belt and a tiny bit of Downtown. Mostly it will be same music as at the Horse Hospital couple of years ago, but arranged for a big band. I would say it's more film music than 'big band' music."

Mister Freedom is produced by Marek Pytel of Realityfilm. Performances take place at Gloria, Helsinki on March 20th and Queen Elizabeth Hall, London on March 24th.

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