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May 2005

Photo: Chris GurneyJimi Tenor is busy working on a film score for Simon Cathcart's Stagknight, a UK low-budget horror-comedy:

"I've been making the music for a while now. We had sessions at Didier's studio in Helsinki, laying down some rhythm tracks, some months ago. Now I've been arranging horns and orchestra-percussion to go with the rhythm tracks. That will be played by Kymi Wind Band. The recording of that will happen in end of May, so now we're having a rehearsal period."

"Stagknight is the thing I have to concentrate on now. It's a big project for me. I want the music to be very good. I'm not so familiar with the movie world, what the problems will be. I guess normally there are a lot of rejections and frustration. But so far in this project all has gone really well."


Out this month will be the Tone of Finland, a 2CD collection of remixes, remakes and other interpretations of the Tom of Finland - Daddy and the Muscle Academy soundtrack. Jimi Tenor is on it with a track called Helliä tunteita (Tender Feelings):

"Remix/remakers could use sounds from Tom of Finland documentary film. One could have also remixed the original Elliot Sharp music from the film. I chose some sentences from Tom of Finland's interviews. His art is quite humorous, so I thought I'll make a 'fun' remix."

Tone Of Finland is published by Crystal Eye / Kristallisilmä and comes with ten different cover designs. Also available is a limited leatherbound edition which includes a book with Tom of Finland press photo remix drawings from the 50's to 80's published for the first time ever.


Another interesting release to look out for is Astrid Swan's debut album Poverina for which Jimi did some arrangements:

"I was asked to do some string and horn arranging for Astrid's record. It was quite a bit of work. I don't find arranging other people's music very easy at all. But I think it worked out quite well."



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