Jimi Tenor: Out Of Nowhere
Warp Records, WARP 76, 2000

1. Out Of Nowhere  listen
2. Hypnotic Drugstore  listen
3. Paint The Stars  listen
4. Pylon  listen
5. Blood On Borscht  listen
6. Backbone Of Night  listen lyrics
7. Spell  listen
8. Better Than Ever  listen
9. Night In Loimaa  listen
10. Call Of The Wild  listen lyrics

The Orchestra of The Great Theatre Lodz conducted by Tadeusz Kozlowski.
Pro Canto Choir (Blood On Borscht, Call Of The Wild, Out of Nowhere, Paint the Stars) conducted by Seppo Korhonen.
Caroline Boaden - Drums (Night in Loimaa, Spell)
Chris Dawkins - Guitar (Better than Ever, Night in Loimaa, Paint the Stars, Spell)
Saturo Ito - Guitar (Call of the Wild)
Mike Kearsey - Trombone, euphonium (Call of the Wild, Night in Loimaa)
Frank Marino - Drums (Blood on Borscht, Hypnotic Drugstore), Percussion (Better than Ever, Paint the Stars)
Ilkka Mattila - Guitar (Blood on Borscht, Hypnotic Drugstore, Paint The Stars, Spell)
Gary Miles - Bass guitar (Blood on Borscht, Hypnotic Drugstore, Night in Loimaa)
Wanda Pittman - Backing vocals (Better than Ever, Call of the Wild, Paint the Stars, Spell)
Baluji Shrivastav - Sitar, tablas, tampura, vocals (Backbone of Night, Better than Ever, Hypnotic Drugstore, Night in Loimaa, Paint the Stars, Spell)
Nicole Willis - Lead vocal (Call of the Wild), backing vocals (Better than Ever, Call of the Wild, Paint the Stars, Spell), percussion (Better than Ever, Pylon), bass guitar (Backbone of Night)
Mikey Wilson - Drums (Better than Ever, Call of the Wild)
Jimi Tenor - Lead and backing vocals, flute, C melody and tenor saxophones, Moog synth, Hammond organ, Rhodes electric piano, Photophone

single: Spell
video: Spell (by Jimi Tenor and Sökö Kaukoranta)
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