All Jimi Tenor projects booking by Heikki Eiden at Eiden Music:

Jimi Tenor Solo
Part electronic and part acoustic set. 808, modulars, bass machine, synths and sax, flute, vocals Suitable for festivals, night clubs and live venues


Jimi Tenor Band
Plays Jimi Tenor’s music between 1990-2024. Suitable for festivals, live clubs and jazz venues.

Line up:
Jimi Tenor - sax, flute, synth, vocals
Ekow Alabi Savage - drums. percussion, vocals
Eeti Nieminen - drums, percussion, vocals
Heikki Tuhkanen - trombone, tuba, vocals
Lauri Kallio - guitar, bass, vocals


Jimi as a soloist/composer guest for big bands
Jimi has composed plenty of material for big band. These recordings can be found on albums: Mysterium Magnum, Terra Exotica and Higher Planes. Jimi has performed big band music with Metropole Orchestra, UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra, Flat Earth Society, Croatian TV and Radio Orchestra, Oulu All Stars Big Band. Also there is Jimi Tenor Big Band which can be booked for festivals and concert halls.


Jimi Tenor has a project for students called Trashkestra. Students start the workshop at junk shop or recycling center and look for material that would be suitable for DIY instruments. For example tubes, electronics, metal sheets, pipes, bricks, glass bowls etc etc. Then at the school/university the students build for 3-4 days instruments out of this material. Then on the 5th day there is a concert where students play these instruments. So far this workshop has been done in Tallin with Architecture students and in Bergen at Ekko festival. The workshop has been a big success. Trashestra project is suitable for university students.


20 piece synthesizer-orchestra . All instrumets are monophonic synths. Synthestra has played at festivals and large events. The biggest performance so far was a TV appearance where Synthestra played the first part of Einojuhani Rautavaara’s “Cantus Arcticus”.