Utopian Dream
comments by Jimi Tenor

1. Utopian Dream  listen

"The idea was to make a song with one note only using different sonorities to make a texture. I ended up using more notes but not that much. This is some sort of a demo of what it was supposed to be. I wanted the pitched down vocals to be sung by a bass opera singer whose first language is not english. Preferably a slav language."

2. Moonfolks  listen 

"Oh, this song has very many different versions and this has less faults than most of the other versions. It's not THE version I imagined but anyhow it will stay in the history (comic) books.

There are two more verses in THE version, which will be heard on my live album. Out next year."

3. New World  listen

"I wanted to make a real summer song. I guess this is one."

4. Natural Cosmic Relief  listen

"Although very electronic it has this bells sound which is very sloppy. I guess I was going for some sort of a gamelan sound performed by machines. The lyrics are a comment of today, when most western women have yeast infections nonstop."

5. Neumatico Rojo  listen

"I think is the same song as 'Never Say it Aloud' on Intervision. New version though."

6. Gentle Afternoon  listen

"Very much influenced by a song by George Duke...almost illegally so. Anyway.... it's quite different and I hereby officially confess the influence."

7. Better Than Ever  listen

"Reprint of the same track on Out of Nowhere. I liked my keyboard solo on this one. It has a 'good feeling'"

8. Paint The Stars  listen

"Another remake of Out of Nowhere stuff. These backing vocals are the thing is this one I suppose."

9. 24-Hour Madness  listen

"Planet one was supposed to be the name of this record...well it isn't now. The message of this track will remain obscure for centuries..."

10. Grilli-Iloa (Barbecue Pleasure)  listen

"Always a 3/4 track on my album. It's not a walz though. I guess I'm trying to do a electronic latin thing with a Finnish flavor. This should be enjoyed with Finnish (sweet) mustard."

11. Sinking Ship  listen

"I was thinking about these ships that can't land in any harbour, because they a disease or something. Or they don't have a flag. Anyway, it's sailors last chorus before death from malnutrition and dehydration."

12. Mammon  listen

"I don't remember this track at all. I'm sure it's guaranteed shit from a musical genius!"

13. Väinä Boy  listen

"Hey! 5/4 time. Well in fact the name vaina-boy is a reference to the time signature which in fact shuold be thought in 10 instead of 5 : va-ka-van-ha-väi-nä-möi-nen. It's only 8 you say? Yeah but the last two syllables möi-nen last two beats."

14. Bacon Alive  listen

"This was influenced by Edward Vesala who described to me how the pigs screamed before getting slaughtered. I wanted to do something like that."

15. Paradise Can Wait  listen

"As a stranger in a town you walk the street and see stuff. Very poetic... ;-D"


Utopian dream is out now on Sähkö.